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Hiring process for customer service agent

Explorer C

Hello. I was wondering how long it takes for the hiring process for customer service agent? I got the congratulations email on the October 2nd. And I haven’t heard from the recruiter. I keep checking all spam and junk mail and I message the swa email. I just don’t want to miss anything because I am very excited for this opportunity. I have read that it could be awhile. Any info could help. Thank you. 


Re: Hiring process for customer service agent

Explorer C

It is a process:


Applied back in May.

One Way Interview Sept 4th.

Onsite interview Sept 12th.

Contingency Letter Sept 12th, saw it on the 13th.

Did the finger printing/drug test Sept 15th.

background and drug test came back a week and a half later.

now waiting on my following steps.


Congratulation on you Contingency Offer letter and just know they'll get to you. The hardest part is the being patient, trust me I know.