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Hiring process

Explorer C

I was a former ramp agent and had to heartbreakingly resign earlier this year. The station in my state is always hiring, and I've applied 8 times now, this year. I always get to the phone interview and then rejected almost immediately. My application status will change to Closed Complete within the next day and I receive a rejection e-mail around 2 days later. 


I'm not sure whether I should just give up at this point. Maybe I'm marked as nonrehireable for the ramp position and not being told? I don't want to give up, but would definitely love some insight from anybody who might have it? 


It's very discouraging to see people from the same station, who were fired, get rehired very easily for the same position. I know that every case is different, but overall, I'm searching for some sort of answer if being with SWA is possible for me anymore. 


Thanks for any feedback or input you might have! 


Re: Hiring process

Explorer C

Have you reached out to a former manager or the People department to ask about your status as a potential rehire?  If for some reason you have been blacklisted, they would be able to tell you.


Sorry to hear the trouble. Hope it works out!