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Honolulu jobs

Explorer C


Im interested in getting a job at Southwest in Honolulu, but the job position I'm interested in is no longer posted. The airline is planning on expansion so I know there will be more jobs opening up in time but my question is whether or not you can turn in a resume even if the job isn't open yet. But at least when it does you'll already be in the system. Any thoughts? 

Aloha, JW 


Re: Honolulu jobs

Aviator C

@Jsywamp808  unfortunately, no you cannot turn in a resume for a position that is not currently open. Check out the link below on my details from SWA career site:

Can I be considered for a position that isn’t posted on

No. In order to remain consistent in our hiring practices and to be fair to all applicants, we only accept applications for open positions listed under Search Results.

Continue to check for the next posting and/or sign up for a job alert on any job description page.


You can also sign up to be notified when the position is available.  Click on this link for that:


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