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Re: Hot Job: Customer Service Representative


Hi there @faclarke,


Thanks for your question and your interest in working at our call center in PHX!  Yes, we do have a call center in PHX and if you would like to receive job alerts for the next time it posts we recommend to sign up via email at on a desktop or by clicking here on a mobile device.


Wishing you a happy new year!

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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Re: Hot Job: Customer Service Representative

Explorer C

There is a listing for Center Operations Associate (Requisition ID2018-21677) in Albuquerque, is this a CSR (Customer Service Representative) position? This listing reads more as a supervisory position and not a rep on the phones. I would appreciate any clarification you could supply as I do not want to apply for a position that I am not looking to pursue.