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Hotel accommodations

Explorer C

do you have to stay in a hotel during "training" If you're getting a job at headquaters? I thought the answer was no but my friend who is a flight attendant swears the answer is yes. 


Re: Hotel accommodations

Frequent Flyer C

People with the work location “HDQ” are not provided hotel accommodations during training since it is assumed that since you are working at HDQ, you have adequate housing during training there.


Flight attendants are a little different. Southwest has a flight attendant base at DAL (Love Field). Some flight attendants that are based out of DAL do not live in Dallas or anywhere near Dallas - some commute from New Orleans or even Alabama to work although they are ‘based’ in Dallas. It is because of this that Southwest provides hotel accommodations during training for flight attendants based in DAL.


Hope this answers your question. Thanks!