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How good is Southwest to work for?

Explorer C

I recently saw that the airport near me has a job listing for a southwest ramp agent and I've been seriously considering it. The main problem is I've heard mixed things about the company. For the most part it seems pretty decent but I've seen stories that southwest couldn't care less about ramp agents and that its overall better to start with any other airliner or contractor. Thing is a lot of them are years old and pre covid, so I'm wondering how is it right now and is it welcoming to someone who's just starting with this career path?

Thanks in advance.


Re: How good is Southwest to work for?

Frequent Flyer A

They are constantly rated in the top companies to work for, and companies with happiest employees. I've also heard good and bad, but you never know until you get in there yourself and give it a try. 

Re: How good is Southwest to work for?

Aviator A

I would also add when you look online for reviews about companies you are always going to find more negatives than positives. People who are happy tend to keep quiet while unhappy people love to complain online.



Re: How good is Southwest to work for?

Adventurer C

I worked for federal government for 40+ years and wish I had left sooner to join SW Air. Their benefit package is top notch. 

Re: How good is Southwest to work for?

Adventurer A

I have to say I was nervous at first, but from the station to corporate in Dallas it is welcoming! If you decide to go with SWA it will be your best decision!

Re: How good is Southwest to work for?

Frequent Flyer B

My 2 cents