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How long is training at LAX station

Explorer C

So what I understand is LAX first then Dallas how long is training and when do I get flight benefits for my parents?


Re: How long is training at LAX station

Aviator C

@DK1522  Have you received a job offer with SW?  I think these type of questions would have been asked during your interview process. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: How long is training at LAX station

Adventurer C

@DK1522  See attached pic for nights in dallas.. And you're right, on-site training at your local airport, and then Dallas..  Flight benifits for you, become active on day one and for qualified dependents, up to 30days, from your first day. For parents to qualify quicker, get your birth certificate ready and/or marriage certificate if you have a step parent.  (congrats too)