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How to become a part of the Southwest Family

Explorer C

My name is Brent Moore and I've applied to many entry-roles, but I always get turned down. I am 31, and I want to add value for this prestigious institution of LUV! I aspire into becoming a CHRO or Chief People Officer, because I have a strong passion in the three principles I embody:


1. Love--Do you have the passion for the company? Understanding the history, mission, vision, and value statements, competitors, processes that are outside one's main department, and the suppliers and vendors. Are you able to provide that warrior spirit ?

2. Motivation---Are you able to provide that warrior spirit? Do you have the guts to learn something new everyday and reach for the stars. Say what you mean and be transparent about it. 

3. Forgiveness---Forgiving yourself and others for mistakes and encourage yourself/them to do better. Use 1-1's and have these conversations that asks, "What can I do to, stop, start, and continue.?


I want to become a leader like my great-grandfather and grandfather  who were high school principals. I want to provide guidance and support by making all lives easier! My LinkedIn is 




Re: How to become a part of the Southwest Family

Aviator C

First, let's be honest and candid here.  Southwest is NOT a family, it is a publicly traded corporation.  You are asking to become an employee.


Given the size of Southwest, there are hundreds of applications daily and you have to know that yours is one of THOUSANDS for the role.



Re: How to become a part of the Southwest Family

Explorer C


Let me encourage you right now because this post needs encouraging answers. 

I was like you years ago when I kept getting turned down by SWA. (3 times by the way) My husband had gotten job with them and I heard how they treat their employees and I honestly LUV how the company is! And honestly it is a family! Because they treat their employees like family! 

But I was turned down many times, I have an amazing attitude and I’m definitely an amazing person who love people!! But when I was turned down I honestly looked at it as…it wasn’t my time!


it wasn’t until my husband got promoted to a supervisor and we had to relocate….then a spot opened up in the city we was moving to. 

I applied…got an interview…and finally……GOT THE JOB!!! 

So Brent..keep applying and don’t lose hope!  Keep applying and try to get to know some southwest members at your airport!! It’s sounds crazy but reaching out to people goes a long way! Try to get involved with internships in Dallas if possible! 

Just keep going and don’t give up! 

what’s for you will be meant for you! 

Stay encouraged!!! 

LUV Brittnee Hubbard,

A New Denver CSA ❤️💙💛