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I Need a Haircut?!

Explorer C

I applied a few weeks ago for a customer service agent position, but I had a question regarding men’s appearance: is longer hair okay? My friend works at SWA and she told me that it wouldn’t help my interview to have longer hair. It’s well groomed and not greasy! Can anyone confirm or deny that claim? On the same subject; any word on facial hair? Not talking Santa beards, but just a little stubble. Thanks!




Re: I Need a Haircut?!

Explorer B

As a long time business owner: YES! I would not want you representing my business to the public looking as unkept as you are. When I hire someone to be the public face of my business I do not want anyone who will turn off any potential customer. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! IT IS ABOUT MY BUSINESS!

Re: I Need a Haircut?!

Explorer C

Do you think it’s possible though for a guy to have longer hair and not look unkept? Or do you just think any guy with longer hair is unkempt? I think if it were between the two people below, I would rather choose the guy with longer hair to represent my business.







Re: I Need a Haircut?!

Adventurer A

Although i am partial to long hair (as i have grown mine out several times over the years) i would have to agree with WhoDaresWins and you should cut your hair. 

Here is a snippet from a crew member description: a neat appearance is maintained and the physical ability to perform all job functions is not hindered. Flight Attendants are therefore required to maintain acceptable physical standards. If hired, and following the probationary period, failure to maintain a neat appearance and acceptable physical standards will be handled with progressive discipline

If you truly want to work for Southwest, why take the chance and get rejected because of your hair? If you get the job and find long hair is not a problem, grow it back out. I speak from experience and cutting it off is really not as bad as you think... I’ve probably done it more than 10 times. 

But don’t give up the opportunity to work for an amazing company because you are proud of your hair. 



Best wishes!
Keith Pitman

Re: I Need a Haircut?!

Explorer A

Uniform= short hair, clean shaven, pressed uniform and polished shoes.



When i was in Law Enforcement, I would see the Vice/Narcotics detectives with long hair and facial hair.  I think you would look great as a plain clothes detective.  

Re: I Need a Haircut?!

Adventurer C

These answers all make me so sad! It sucks to think of beautiful curls having to be cut off. Good luck on the interview either way. 

Re: I Need a Haircut?!


Hi there @sbristow,


Thank you for your questions and your interest in joining the Southwest family!  We totally agree with @kelchrisjohnson and hopefully it’s not too late to save the curls.  Per our uniform and appearance standards for this position hair longer than the top of the collar should be pulled back into a pony tail or braid.  A beard, goatee, mustache, sideburns that is clean, short, combed and neatly trimmed is acceptable.  Neither hair length or facial hair cannot interfere with the safety performing any job duties.  In summary and in the words of the great Billy Joel - Don’t go changing, we LUV you just the way you are, curls and all!


Good luck in your interview and we hope you have a good hair day;)





Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
The Southwest Community

Re: I Need a Haircut?!

Explorer C

I am going to be honest here and this is a bit long.

Your hair does look unkempt. It is possible for long hair to look neat, but usually when it is tied back or the man happens to have straight hair.

Where the honesty comes in. 1) When you are working, I am willing to bet that the hair you have now will be acceptable to management, though the barely beard may need to be grown or, kept perfictly trimmed or go completely. It looks like you dont care about your appearance too much right now.

I mean to say that while some may complain about not being accepted "as they are", because everybody is different, communities negotiate naturally, an accepted common look that looks healthy and dependable to that culture, and companies that need customer service want to work within that accepted norm with a deviation that is dependent on the companies goals.


Now, while on the job looks are a little more flexible, you really need to understand the purpose of the interview. Especially for customer service jobs of companies that have a high standard. 

The interviewer doesnt want to see how you look or act on an average day. They want to see you at your best, to show that you can step up to the standards they ask of you. You need to show them how much you really want the job compared to everybody else by putting your full effort into it, from speech, to body language, to looks.

If you think your average is your best, then you are competing with everybody else at a disadvantage because others will be bringing their best.

Interviews are a competition. Once you have the job, you worry about doing your job, but you have to get the job first.