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I applied to a position, can I follow up?

New Arrival

Hi, I currently work for another airline company as a contractor, for the same position I am applying to at SW and want to work for SW because I see their people are treated so much better, even at my small airport. Of course, the extra benefits and pay are great too.

I really want the position, but many companies these days hire 3rd party companies to go through the hiring part, so that I am told its worthless to do a follow up on application status or to show my passion for the job, but I hear that SW doesnt do that?

If not, can I follow up on my application by calling the base I am applying to? I mean, in the old days you could show your level of interest by checking with the manager over the job you want, and I want to do anything I can to show my worthiness for the job. To raise myself above the crowd.

I would even fly there in person if it helped lol