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Inquiry on Requisition Number 2021-36624

New Arrival


I was inquiring about the Requisition Number 2021-36624 job posting in dallas for the RON mx position. I applied back in December 2021 when this posting was first listed and my status has always remained as “Received Submission”. I noticed the job listing reopened for April 2022 and my application status never changed but just said I had already applied and wouldnt let me apply. Its a bit confusing so I had created another account to apply to this recent posting. Is it ok for me to do that or should I withdraw on the new email? My only concern is not knowing if my initial application took since the status never changed. 


Re: Inquiry on Requisition Number 2021-36624

Active Member

I wouldn't withdraw. Once you withdraw you aren't able to apply to that position again. I would probably just keep waiting. They'll get to it eventually.