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Internship Recommendation Letter

New Arrival

Im trying to submit and application for the spring internship for 2020. But in the section that asks for the the 2 recommendation letter, if I dont include them directly in my application because the people i asked to write them want to send it in them selfs where do I have them send it in? 


Re: Internship Recommendation Letter

Rising Star

@GopikaDileep  you might want to email SWA at


Or...You can find more information by clicking here:

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Re: Internship Recommendation Letter

New Arrival


I sent my recommendation letters directly to the email address indicated in the Campus Reach College Internship FAQs. I had 3 recommendations (2 from my professors and 1 from the agency supervisor where I worked as an intern last summer). I applied for a Summer 2019 Software Engineering Intern position last year but I wasn't accepted then.


Sven Taow