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Explorer C

Hi! This is kind of a loaded question, with ever-changing variables so I understand it might be hard to answer, but I will appreciate any insight! I am currently enrolled in an accelerated bachelor's program for media communications. I am SO determined to apply for an internship in that field at southwest. And would love to prove myself to the company and be brought on full-time at one point. I live in Ohio, however. But I am also very determined to relocate to Texas. Specifically, Galveston. I'm wondering if any of their Communications positions can be done remotely, while still being in the same state? And does Southwest have any relocation assistance? I like to stay two steps ahead at all times but I'm also the biggest dreamer you'll ever meet, so don't be afraid to keep it real with me and wake me up. I just want to know my chances and odds in this dream situation. Thank you so much for reading my novel and thanks in advance for any advice.