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Interview Tips: Customer Service Rep

Explorer C

Hi There, I've applied for SW's customer service rep. I'm hoping for an interview. What should I wear? What should I do to prepare myself for the interview? Thank you for your time!


Re: Interview Tips: Customer Service Rep

Adventurer B


I thought I would offer some tips for when the interview does happen. Most importantly make sure you understand the core values, mission and vision of Southwest Airlines and the department you are hoping to be working for. I think that it is important to ask questions about the position that you are applying for and the department such as where do you hope to this postion 90 days or 6months down the road?, what do you think will be my biggest challenage will be in this postion, what kind of extra training do you offer, etc.  Also make sure you're not chewing gum or have gum in your mouth at the time of interview, keep your phone out of sight while waiting to be called in for your interview and during your interview I have found it very unprofessional. I would recommend wearing nice slacks and a nice shirt, business casual has always been my go to along with soft make-up, simple jewelry, and neutral lip shade. Sit up straight and remember that you are the best person for the job and let your confidence shine. One more thing, make sure you take your DL, SS and your resume along with a pen, you never know if they are going to need you to sign something or need your goverment issued documents because they want to hire you on the spot. I hope this helps!   Good Luck!! Youve Got This!!!  

Have a LUVly day,


Christy Plagge

Re: Interview Tips: Customer Service Rep


Hi @ckbillie,


Thanks for your interest in a Career at Southwest Airlines, and congratulations on securing an interview! We do recommend coming "dressed to impress" to your interview. We often see ladies in suits or dresses, and often see men in a button down, slacks and tie -- or even a full suit. As @Christyplagge mentioned, we love when Candidates do their research before coming to the interview. We find studying our Culture, Values, Purpose and Mission to be helpful. You can find all that (and more!) by clicking here. Best of luck in your interview! 


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