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Interview process Disappointment HELP!!!!

Explorer C

Ok so I've had me eye on working for southwest for a While now,
When I seen that SWA was hiring for ramp agents in Denver I was excited and put my bid in.
ok so the 1st time I did this a was contacted by a sweet young lady and scheduled a phone interview. So when that day came, I made sure I was ready right by the phone. I had my resume in front of me, pen and pad available etc. Ok so my 1st phone interview went great!, she LUVed me, even stating how "sincere" she felt I was in the phone interview and telling me i would be a great fit., She invited me to a F2F interview the follwing week. She gave me 3 bits of advice for the F2F; Dress professionally, Do your research on the company and DON'T BE LATE!
So the folling week I took all if this advice to heart (pun intended). I spend hours looking online into SWA's history, SWA's Culture, Watching interviews with Herb Kelleher, talking to other employees etc, I was VERY confident I could ACE this interview. I showed up to my interview 30 min early, dressed to impress, excited prepared with all of my notes in hand and a copy of my resume and cover letter in hand and 2 forms of ID.
When the interview started I felt like it went great, She asked all of the basic interview questions, (which I was prepared for because I did my homework) But it moved SOO fast!! I guess I'm not sure what I should have expected, but all of the notes I had taken over the last week, all of the information I had learned just went to waist. But I was still pretty confident that I handled the interview very well. She laughed at my jokes, praised me for my cover letter (which highlighted my Warrior Spirit Servant's Heart & Fun-LUVing Attitude). But By the end of the interview, she thanked me for coming in, and told me that the ramp agent position was actually full at the time and that she would let me know within a few days if any slots were available.
This was a HUGE disappointment for me, I didn't understand, If they were full and not actively hiring, why were the applications open? (Also there were about 4 or 5 other people in the lobby all waiting for interviews for the same position, and a NEW job posting for ramp agent dated and time stamped the same day of my interview) So I figured this was just her nice way of telling me that she didn't think I was a good candidate, because about a day or so later I received a email confirming my fears in that they would not be moving forward in the hiring process with me at this time. I was Crushed, but not defeated.
A friend of mines (that also works as a ramp agent) told me to wait a while and re apply, Ok Done. But this time it was MUCH different.
I was contacted again for the phone interview, But the representative that set up the interview never called,.. I waited by my phone for about a hour, then after a while I called the number she contacted me from and left a message, I even sent her a email... Nothing.
The next day, she sent me a email to confirm the phone interview would be that day in 30 minute. No acknowledgment of the missed appointment or anything. Now this wouldn't be a problem for me if I wasn't already in the middle of another task. But I knew I REALLY REALLY wanted this job, so I droped everything I was doing to be on hold to be ready for the call.
This call was nothing like the 1st phone interview I did however.. This one was much different. She didn't seem really happy to be talking to me. I felt as if I was inconveniencing her to be on that call. She wasn't as light and bubbly as the 1st phone interview. I still answered all of my questions in the same way that I did the first time. about 30 min after the phone interview I received that dreaded email confirmation yet again that they would move on with other candidates.

So I said all of that to ask you SWA community this..... What am I doing wrong in these interviews? Am I giving off some sort of queue unintentionally that I'm unaware of? Am I saying or doing something wrong?? Please help, I REALLY would LUV to work for this company I'm even willing to take the 4 dollar pay cut from what I'm making now at my current job, if I means job stability and working for a company that actually LUVs and values its employees (a company BTW that has NEVER EVER laid off a single employee, a fate i am unfortunatly facing in my current job). I am planning to reapply the next time they have openings. Im not going to give up! But some helpful tips and advice from current employees would be MUCH appreciated.


Re: Interview process Disappointment HELP!!!!

Explorer C

I noticed that your writing needs to cleaned up. As in spelling, grammer, and punctuation. However, I am not sure if this has anything to do with your hiring situation or not.


On the other hand, it sounds like it’s not’s them. They are keeping their options open because they probably have high turnover in certain positions. Just a guess.


Keep on keeping on. If this is your dream, keep working toward it. Ask trusted friends for their input on how you look and how you present yourself. Maybe you spit on people when you talk and don’t even realize it? Just sayin.


Best of luck to you. No, I don’t work for them, but I should. It would be better than any job I’ve ever had. Well, except for that one job. That one rocked.


Night Owl