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Job Scam

Explorer C

Is this a scam?


Congratulations! Southwest Airlines online recruitment team has recommended you for a virtual screening test/interview online.


We successfully reviewed your resume and it has been approved for an virtual screening test/interview by Southwest Airlines for the position of ( Administrative Assistant ) (REMOTE).


The window for this screening test/interview are:


Monday through Friday

Time: 08:00 AM – 6:15 PM.


Note: Text Question & Answer interview via Text Message.


Contact Ashley Mitchell via a text message at (509) 775-6771  to start or schedule your interview


N.B:. Do not call ( Message only ) 




George Lambert

VP Human Resources

Southwest Airlines.


Freshteam , Applicant Tracking System powered by Freshworks Inc.
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Re: Job Scam

Aviator A

Since southwest is not hiring at the moment, I suspect it is a scam.


This happened to other people too

Re: Job Scam

Aviator A

You should be able to tell based on the “from” email address. Hover over it and see what it says. If it’s a bunch of nonsense, it’s spam. And the bigger question: did you apply for a position? If you didn’t, then it is surely a scam.