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Jobs in Instructional Design

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I am a professor at the University of Oklahoma in the Instructional Design program.  Many students are interested in jobs in Dallas and even remote in Instructional Design.  what job category would those jobs appear under in your careers search? or how can I find a category of listings to share with my students who may be interested.  


Re: Jobs in Instructional Design


Hi there, @tacullen,


We appreciate your interest in sharing our career opportunities with your Instructional Design students! We have both Full Time and Internship opportunities that may interest them. To access our Full Time opportunities and sign up to receive job alerts, please visit (on Desktop) or (on Mobile).


Regarding our Campus Reach Internship Program, we offer two Instructional Design Internships in our Southwest Airlines University (SWA U) and Flight Operations Departments. We provide these positions in the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. To find out more information about our Campus Reach program, including application and internship dates, please visit our website or Facebook page.  We look forward to hopefully seeing applications from some Sooners in the near future!


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