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Jr. Technology Associate Position Hiring Process

Explorer C

I am posting this here because only because I have been unable to locate a direct contact person:


I applied for the Jr. Technology Associate Position R-2024-41190.  Soon after, I received an email indicating my application would not be reviewed because of the number of applicants and those being reviewed on a first come first serve basis.  I did appreciate the quick turnaround time on getting this update however.  


My reason for writing is to bring to someone's attention my concern with the   I signed up to receive notifications of relevant positions over a year ago so that I would not miss out on opportunities such as these.  


The position was not listed in the March 3rd email.  


I submitted my application on March 10th at 12:28am CST.  (I had thankfully been forwarded the position posting by a colleague on March 8th so was able to apply).


The email from that was sent on March 10th (position closing date) was emailed at 10:44pm.  


I was highly disappointed because this truly seemed like a dream opportunity.  I am specifically looking for an apprenticeship, and had decided upon my entry into technology that I wanted to work in the travel industry and ultimately "land" a position with an airline.


I had relied upon these emails to inform me about opportunities such as this one and have now essentially missed out on what I consider at this point in my early career to be the "dream opportunity."  


Also, if I would have known applications would be reviewed in order of received, I would have submitted my application on March 8th, even if it meant my resume and cover letter would have been rushed and possibly of lower quality.  


I'm requesting that my application at least be considered due to the circumstances/timing of the position notification, and also because I am a very strong candidate for this apprenticeship.


In the alternative I would very much like to make sure I do not miss out on any additional similar opportunities.  Southwest truly is at the top of my list of employers.


Thank you!