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KOA Employment

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Aloha.  I am hoping to reach someone from the SW media/moderator team or someone with the career talent community.  I want to get a jump on applying for a management position for KOA when the position is posted.  I have tried joining the talent community, however KOA is not listed there.  Only LIH and HNL.  So, my question is... Is there any other way I can be notified as soon as a position is posted for KOA?  Other than checking the career site daily?  


I apologize if this was posted prior to me starting this thread.  I tried searching the forum board, but didn't quite find anything that gave me an answer I was looking for.  


I am sure there are others here that live on the big island and would like any updated information that can be provided regarding employment for KOA.  (:


Mahalo Nui Loa,



Re: KOA Employment

Aviator C

@StevenT  click on the link below to be notified by SWA if or when the opportunity comes available:


Good luck! 




SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: KOA Employment

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Thanks for the reply, Passenger1C.  Unfortunately i've gone to that page.  But it does not list my city (KOA).  Only LIH and HNL.

Re: KOA Employment

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Heard LIH and KOA are going to be contracted.