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Kneepads are PPE?

Explorer C

So I'm a new hire ramp agent who's been on the ramp for about four weeks now.  (I can't get signed off until the badging office gets thier act together and gives me my badge.  Its been six weeks.)  When I'm in the bin, I don't wear kneepads.  None of my trainers up to this point had a problem with this (though tgey found it a bit wierd,) but my trainer today objected, saying I could be written up for not wearing them.


I don't wear them for the following reasons:


1. A complete lack of friction.  These pads slide around on the cargo bin floor like ice skates.  The last thing I want is to be trying to stack a 70+ suitcase only to have my knees slide out from under me.  I'm only 135Lbs; do the physics and I'm going to move in the opposite direction almost as much as the bag moves forward.  This is how you end up with muscloskeltal injuries.


2. The straps sort of roll up/down the legs towards the center of the back of my knees, applying pressure along a very narrow band of skin, cutting off circulation.   I'm not bleeding out; I don't need a tourniquet.


3. I use my cargo pockets as a holster for my scanner and an airband transciever I use for a bit of advanced warning on incoming flights.  The kneepad straps knock out about a third of the pocket's usable volume.  


Kneepads are designed to lessen impact, such as might be experienced if you fell off a bike; not to function as an anti-fatigue mat strapped to your legs.  I don't see how they serve as anything more than a comfort device in the bin, much less PPE that must be worn.  




Re: Kneepads are PPE?

Aviator A

Posting here will not accomplish anything. You'll be better off discussing this issue with your supervisor or HR.