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Listing no longer posted!?!?

Explorer C


I submitted my resume for a Customer Service Agent yesterday and it's not longer listed.

I went to my job profile and it says "In Progress"

The job listing was only up for 4 days and now it's gone?

Does this mean it's been filled? or was a mistake? I hope not. 

There was another job listing (ramp agent) for the same airport and it's also gone.


Is this normal? I know with a flight attendant position they only keep it up for 1-2 days. 

I really want to work for this company!!! 


Re: Listing no longer posted!?!?

Aviator A

Job postings are not left up very long due to the incredible number of responses received.  You are not the only one who wants to work for Southwest.  If it's in your profile take that as the indication you applied.  Good luck



Re: Listing no longer posted!?!?

Explorer C

I know they probably get a lot of applicants. I made it to the 3rd round of interview for flight attendant and unfortunately didn't get a job offer. I want to be part of the SWA family so bad. 

I'm praying I get an interview!