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Log In Trouble on Candidate Page

Explorer C

Is there an IT person I can contact for the career page?  I created my account, and submitted my application this week for CS&S.  Today after receiving an email from SW, and then joining in the information webinar, I tried logging in to the career page.  At first it said "welcome" and had my last name misspelled (I did not misspell it on my application).  Then I had to re-login, and it didn't accept my email/password, so I requested the link be emailed to me to redo my password.  No email has come after 30 minutes.  I went back to the website and logged in again, this time it made me create a new account, and I used the same email and phone number, and now it's saying that I haven't applied for anything.  I'm so confused.  The "Bot"Q&A service doesn't answer my questions, and I'd really like to talk with a human.