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Looking to start my 2nd career

New Arrival

Ok, I'll just jump in with both feet. I'm retired military and am looking to start my 2nd career. I've always been interested in being a flight attendant, but I'm 47. I'm 6ft 4in and weigh 215. 


So, my questions are:


Am I too ancient?

Am I too big?


Thank you for your time, 



Re: Looking to start my 2nd career

Rising Star

@JWG0671  since SWA is an equal opportunity employer, you will never directly get your questions answered by them. That means it’s really up to you if you want to be a FA. With that being said, a few things I would think about if I was you:


- My age will benefit me while training since seniority goes by age

- Will I feel comfortable while working if I hit my head several times on the overhead bins?

-How many passenger arms/legs that sneak into the aisle will I hit during Beverage Service?


if you want to start out being one of the most senior in seniority during training, and can live with the frustrations you will definitely face daily, go for it! 


Good luck to you! 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion