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Maintenance / A&P Mechanic employment opportunities

New Arrival

I am interested in applying for an aircraft maintenance technician position at Southwest when it becomes available. In the meantime, I do have some questions.


Could anyone tell me what Southwest's experience requirements are? Do they require experience on Boeing 737 aircraft, or will regional jets or cargo planes of a similar weight class qualify?


Currently, I have around one year of aircraft maintenance experience on Cessna Citations and will be applying to other airlines and cargo companies to gain experience in the commercial sector.


Since my ultimate goal is to work for Southwest, I would like to know experience requirements and how I can make myself more competitive.


Could someone share an email contact for an HR hiring manager or recruiter?


Thank you in advance,



Re: Maintenance / A&P Mechanic employment opportunities

Rising Star
Here are some resources with information on the Southwest careers site, the second one includes the following "Two years of experience on heavy jets of 12,500 pounds or more is required; recent experience preferred (within the past two years)."

Good luck!

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