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Mandatory overtime

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Hi there,


I'm interested in joining Southwest Airlines as a part-time customer service agent. I read a lot of reviews on Glassdoor about the mandatory overtime. A lot of people complained about having to work very long shifts, for example going in for a shift from afternoon to late night, getting mandatory overtime from late night to mid morning and then coming back mid afternoon for a regular shift. Some people complained about receiving phone calls at 2 am on days off requesting them to show up for work. Is there any truth to these complaints? Can you explain how the mandatory overtime works for a part-time customer service agent who is scheduled to work 25-32 hours a week?

Thank you.



Re: Mandatory overtime


Hi there @Tiramisu,


Thank you for your question and your interest in joining the Southwest family!  The part-time Customer Service Agent is typically scheduled 30 hours a week, 6 hours daily in a five day work week.  All full-time Employees are offered mandatory overtime first based on seniority and then the part-time Employees would be notified.  Part-time Customer Service Agents would receive double time in their compensation for any hours worked after 8 hours daily.  We recognize working in the airport operations can have it's challenges and isn't for the faint of heart.  We are proud of all our Employees who make it a career and hope you too will find it to be your calling!


Best wishes,

Christina Ayala, Southwest Careers Moderator
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