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Military Spouse transfer

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I am in the military and recently received orders for a one time occassional tour to Washington DC for 2 years. My husband works in IT for Southwest Airlines and can very easily do his job remotely but his immediate supervisor will not even consider letting him work remote 2 days a week so that he can come to DC with us (he says they have a no work remote policy). His boss is telling him that his only option is to fly in on Monday morning and fly out on Friday evening. I understand that law only protects the jobs of the military member, not the spouse, but it is frustrating that a business can advertise that they support military families on their website but not really stand behind that. 


Re: Military Spouse transfer

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@leesha82 we are in DC and grateful for everything we are able to do here, congratulations on your orders Smiley Happy


Most of us on the discussion forums are Southwest customers and we are best able to respond to customer related questions about flights, operations, ticketing, etc.  I have to imagine that your husband may have better luck finding an elegant solution by working with the internal Southwest team.

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