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Military Veteran

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Just looking for contact information for the Military veteran recruiters.  I see the site, but no way to contact anyone. 


Re: Military Veteran

Aviator C

@ctosteve it looks like if you click on the link below, you are directed to positions available for veterans to apply for.


Good luck to you, and thank you for your service. 

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Re: Military Veteran

Explorer C

Thanks for the response, I did see that. I do want to find the contact for veteran recruiting.  The link only tries to match a service member up with something similar at SW. My field that does not apply and I am really more interested in going an entirely different direction than what I did for the Navy.

Re: Military Veteran

Aviator A

@ctosteve I'm thinking out loud here.  You may have better luck on a third party site like LinkedIn.  I did a search (this link has my search terms using the DuckDuckGo search engine) and within a few clicks found at least two folks at Southwest involved in veteran recruiting.


You may also want to check to see if any of your military veteran contacts already work at Southwest (I'm a Navy veteran and, off the top of my head, know two veterans with whom I served...I'm guessing I could find more if I looked).  If so it may be better to start the conversation with those you know and they could help guide you.  If not then you could also use LinkedIn to find another veteran at Southwest with jobs of interest and try connecting with them.


Good luck!

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