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Mobile Boarding Pass not available

New Arrival

Again the mobile boarding pass is not available. The App says "Please visit a kiosk or ticket counter for your boarding passes, ect."  Is this because my wife and I are traveling together? Why would that make a difference?  This needs to be fixed Southwest!


Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not available

Rising Star

Did you see this for both boarding passes or just one?  Depending on how the tickets have been purchased/issued, you may have to have each person check in separately.  


For example, when I fly with my lap child (under two), I have to check in at the desk to get a boarding pass, and I get a similar message to what you experienced.  


There could be several other things that might trigger this.  When you check in at the desk, I would ask the agent what is triggering the message you are seeing.

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Re: Mobile Boarding Pass not available

Top Contributor

If more than one person is on the reservation (same confirmation number) you won't be able to use the app for boarding passes. Unfortunately, this continues to be a problem. 



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