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Most Amazing Flight Attendant

New Arrival

I was on a flight from Denver to Kansas City (MCI) and encountered the most attentive and sweet flight attendant I have every had the pleasure of meeting. Christie Parker was on point with making sure I was comfortable, I had the drink of choice and my pretzels. This sounds like a no brainer but Christie did all of this with such a caring attitude I truly believed I was the only one on the flight she cared about. I know that wasn't true as I saw her interact with the other passengers. I fly every week and I see all kinds of personalities, some good, some not so good. Christie has sat the bar very high for all the other attendants on my future flights. If Southwest Airlines has a training program on how to treat customers, Christie Parker #45041 should be the team lead on that. Thank you Christie and I wish you nothing but the best and hope I get to be on a flight with you again soon. 


Christie Parker #45041



Flight # 820




Brandon Turner


Re: Most Amazing Flight Attendant

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Brandon, most of us on the discussion boards are other customers like you so is there any way you are able to send your great comments directly to Southwest? Here is the info with how to make sure she is recognized:

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Re: Most Amazing Flight Attendant

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@437988891 I got you! I am going to send this over to the SW Twitter team so the recognition can get to the right place!

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