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Re: My CS&S Hiring Process

Frequent Flyer C

Hi @Jamile94! I'm also in Texas (San Antonio) and patiently waiting. I'm still "In Process" and hoping to hear something soon. My CS&S application was finally pushed through after noon on the 20th, so you should hear something before me! I think it gives us all confidence and hope and excitement to share all this information as a team. Hang in there and good luck!


Re: My CS&S Hiring Process

Explorer C

Where did you find the job posting? I can't find anything.


Re: My CS&S Hiring Process

Adventurer A

@jwhipp11 the job was only open for a few hours on June 20th.

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Re: My CS&S Hiring Process

Explorer B

Thank you for documenting your process! & congratulations on your job offer! I’m also awaiting background!

Re: My CS&S Hiring Process

Explorer C

That’s awesome when did you receive your offer? I had my second interview on 7/18 and just waiting on what the next steps are l. Still says in process