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My Dream Job was to be Flight Attendant! Make my dreams come true?

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My whole life I dreamed of being an airline stewardess. Years ago I applied for a position for a new airline starting off in Atl. Ga. called East Airlines. I went and applied, I remembered seeing all the beautiful girls in the room, wall to wall, thinking "Oh dear what a waste of time, they will never hire me." They were looking for only 6 and guess? I was HIRED!! I couldn't believe it! Unfortunatley when I told my husband I got hired, he told me I couldn't take the job, we had two young kids at home. My dream job fell through, so after the kids were all grown I took a job at a golf course as a cart girl serving on the course. I loved it, but not the same serving in the air, and yet I was content thinking least I can be a Land Attendant if I couldn't be a Airline Flt Attendant.

After 8 years of serving there, I needed to get health benefits and went to serve at our local hospital. They were looking for people to make phones calls for insurance, I was honest with them and told them, I am a people person, I love to serve people. Fortunately, they put me at regisration in our surgery dept and I love it. When I register patients for surgery, I come across flt. attendants, that put that dream of mine in the front and center of my heart that I should go with it and apply to fullfill my dream. They say I would be perfect for the job.

My kids are all grown now and I desire so much to serve as Flt Attendant. I picked your airline because I fly with you all the time and enjoyed the people that have served me, and I sure would like to have the opportunity to serve others on your airline.

How to I go about getting my application in your file? I believe this is my calling to serve people, for I like to treat people with respect and kindness, for I beleive we should treat others the same way we like to be treated. Thank you for reading my story. Please call me? Email Me? What should I do now? Sincerely, Stacia


Re: My Dream Job was to be Flight Attendant! Make my dreams come true?

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Stacia, you'll want to sign up for the talent community, more detail is available in the following post:


Note that it's been a while since Southwest posted for flight attendant positions but if you sign up for the talent community you should receive a notification when it happens.


Good luck!

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