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My First-Ever LUV-Connection

Explorer A

At my F2F for Flight Attendant on 5/16, many people shared their favorite Southwest Luv Stories. I did not have my own personal story to share. Until that night, AFTER my interview. I was scheduled to fly from DAL to BNA, then connect to my BNA - RDU flight. It was the very first time I had ever experienced such a delay with SWA, that led to a missed connecting flight.

However, it led to two wonderful serendipities: 1) I got to spend an overnight with my son, DIL, and 2 grandbabies in Nashville; and 2) I met a Most Excellent Human Being who had the same two flights as I did, only he was stuck in the airport overnight. I introduced myself as being a passenger on his flight the night before, and we actually made a LUV-Connection (not romantic, but deep-heartedly!) chatting the whole way to Raleigh. We  plan on staying in touch.

Lesson for me: when plans change, surprises are around the corner!My new friend and I <3My new friend and I ❤️