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My Ramp Hiring Timeline from Application to Day 1

Frequent Flyer A

This is my updated hiring timeline post with info from start to finish. I'll be onsite soon! My process went very quickly and I've noticed that lately the process has been held up for a lot of people. This has been my experience with the hiring process.


2/3- Application submitted online at probably 1 a.m. (Night owl status)

2/3- In lieu of phone interview, filled out some screening forms. 

2/3- Email to complete employment application.

2/7- Scheduled virtual interview. I took the first available date and time.

2/14- Virtual Interview with a recruiter. He was very nice and full of information. I only had 1 person interviewing me. Contingent Job Offer immediately after my interview. 😀 

2/16- Email to complete employment screening within 48 hours. Scheduled both for the next day.

2/17- Fingerprinted and drug screened.

2/17- Email that Sterling is reporting my background information to SWA.

2/23- Employment screening is complete.

2/23- Email from SW that my start date is TBD.

2/25- Start date of 4/4. More than a 5+ weeks away!

2/28- Signed Official offer letter. 

3/1-Email that Onboarding, New Hire Packet and First Day info will arrive in 3-5 days. 

3/8- New Hire packet arrives via email.

3/22- Scheduled Airport and SW badge appointments.

4/4- First day onsite! 


I hope this helps someone. The process requires patience and a positive attitude. I am so excited to start my career with Southwest! I have been trying to get into aviation for a few months after getting my Avionics Tech Certificate. Most airlines want years of experience that I don't have yet. Southwest offers apprenticeship programs and I am working on making it into maintenance and getting my A&P. I'm going to be an AMT or AET someday soon. 


I hope all this info helps at least 1 person. Search older posts for even more insider info! This process requires patience and a good attitude. I will continue to help others when I can! Lord knows I would have been so lost in the process without the information on this forum. 🥴 


I look forward to meeting some of y'all in Dallas or airside at TPA!  😉


Re: My Ramp Hiring Timeline from Application to Day 1

Adventurer C

Hi @TPArampgirl, thank you so much for sharing this. I’m sure it will be helpful for a lot of people. 

I start this Monday as a ramper and my goal is to become an aircraft technician as well. 

Good luck!!