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New hire process dissappointment

New Arrival

The first time I got a call from human department was last week that  I will have a phone interview on  Tuesday March 3 2018. I  WAS THRILLED. Siince I was 18 yeas old I tried to work in the airline industry. My oldest brother is physician who specialized  in aviation medicine and also a pilot. My oldest sister is working for KLM (Dutch airways) . It might be their influence why I adored to work in the airport so badly. I like to work with passengers, I like even the smell in the airplane .  So last week's call from the human department (human resource) was like a miracle happened to me. But that joy didn't last for ever. On my telephone interview with a decent employee of Southwest airline, I thought I had answered all the questions she asked me. I applied for ramp agent position. But yesterday I  got an email that I am not selected for that position. I got frozen for a while.  I  know that position requires a strong muscle. I was excercising to be fit for the ramp agent position. But it didn't happen.

Since I speak 4 different languages ( two African languages , Dutch and English) , I will keep applying for a passenger service agent position. Smiley Frustrated:


Re: New hire process dissappointment

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Thank  you for your post and sorry to hear of your disappointment. I encourage you to keep excercising and trying for a position in the industry of your choice.  There is always a plan. (Plane haha)


Thank you for your involvement in the community...there are some great posts about travel.