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New ramp agent

Explorer B

Guten tag,


I just wanted to say hi and ask a question. 

I currently am in the quick process of waiting back on my prints and druggie test.


My CJO for rAmp agent is for a major airport on yhe other side if the country. I know they help out with relocation bonuses and am grateful (albiet I know I will be working for every penny of it). 

my question is does SWA provide for the flight  to my designated airport?  Or do I need to make extra preparations in my budget?  Also, is there a difference in stipend  from the FAs opposed to the Ramp agents when you’re training?  

I only ask because I would like to be prepared so I can make arrangements. 

thank you


Re: New ramp agent

Explorer B

Sorry for the typos!

Re: New ramp agent

Adventurer C

Hey, what was your hiring timeline like? When did you interview and when did you get your drug test and background done?