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Not Meeting Summer Internship's Minimum Requirement

Explorer C

Hi, I have just applied for the position of Strategy & Business Transformation Summer 2024 Internships (R-2023-35560), which is due tomorrow, but got immediately rejected because "the information you provided does not meet the minimum requirements for this role as outlined in the job description". 


As a 1st year graduate student, I do not have a GPA for my current degree. However, I suspect the reason is due to the answers I gave for the below 2 questions since I had to answer "No" to "Do you currently have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above?" and

"Are you progressing towards a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Innovation, ..., Data Analytics OR similar degree?".


May I ask if you can help clarify how can a first year graduate student apply for internship positions and not get screened out? Or if I was rejected due to other reasons?


Also, after applying and reaching the Thank you for Applying page, my dashboard shows that I have no applications. May I ask why is that?


Thank you very much.