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Number of CS&S New Hires

Explorer B

I wonder how many people got hired? 

I wonder how many more people that need to be hired? 

And I wonder if they’re still conducting interviews to hire more people? 



Re: Number of CS&S New Hires

Adventurer C

Are you referring to the remote position? If so, not sure how many have been hired but they are hiring close to 700. And yes they are still conducting interviews.  Keep in mind that some of these will not make it after receiving the CJO whether due to not passing background, failure of drug test or other circumstances so it's possible they will have back up candidates. It is going to take weeks if not a few months to conduct interviews and get background clearances, etc. There are 3 training classes which are Sept, Oct & Nov. so keep that in mind because I think some may not hear from a recruiter until late August and be placed in the Nov class (just my thoughts).