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Onboarding Error Caused Self Ejection

Explorer C

Hi! I am- well was, going through the onboarding process for the flight attendant position. This morning, I checked my dashboard & it stated ‘closed complete’. After emailing onboarding, it was bought to my attention that my application has been self self-ejected due to non compliance to take the PPST. Now, this is extremely disheartening to me as this error was not on behalf of myself. I have been waiting patiently for the link to my PPST. I even received my onboarding paperwork link and received my employee number. I was informed that they cannot continue on with my process due to this. Is there someone on the hiring team, maybe a supervisor, that I can email to explain my unique situation? I do have proof that I never received any correspondence and that the hiring process for me was completely out of order. I believe that it was an honest oversight for whomever was supposed to send the next step, however, I do not believe that it is fair to me that I now am losing this opportunity that I’ve been working so hard for. Please help! 😞