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Phone Interview Ramper

New Arrival

I just received an email, offering a phone interview for a PT Ramp Agent Position. What sort of questions should I expect in this phone interview


Re: Phone Interview Ramper

Active Member

1. Are you willing to work 24/7/365 including nights, weekends, and holidays?
2. The positions pays $xx per hour. Are you okay with that wage?

3. Are you willing to work outside in a noisy environment, even in bad weather (which, for you, means below 60º since you live in L.A.)?
4. What interests you about the Ramp Agent position?

5. What interests you about working for Southwest Airlines?

Basically let the phone recruiter know that you understand what the job requires and are interested in the position regardless. Also give the recruiter assurance that you understand how Southwest Airlines is different from other companies and have the "Spirit" required to fit in.

Good luck on your phone interview. If you do well, you should be invited to a face-to-face interview with a few days of the phone interview.