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Pilot hiring requirements

Explorer C

Hello all. I’m a military flight instructor trying to figure out the pilot hiring requirements. I read all of the requirements on SWA page but am a little confused. Since I’m under 1500 total turbine fixed wing I know I’ll need a total of 2,500 but I’m trying to figure out if my military helicopter time will count towards the 2500 hour requirement. Also does SWA give any sort of “bonus” hour for military pilots. I’m currently at about 700 total fixed wing turbine hours with about 550 of it being PIC time. I’ll probably finish my military time with about 1200-1300 total fixed wing turbine with about 1,000 being PIC. With my 800ish rotary wing hours will this meet the SWA requirements?


Re: Pilot hiring requirements

Aviator A

Thank you for your service!  I was Navy but didn't puruse the airline route.  I'm active here on the threads and there usually isn't too much chatter here about rotary or other pilot qualifications so I think your best bet is to reach out to Southwest, contact someone on LinkedIn (send me a private message if you want to connect with me and I can try to help facilitate), or to use one of the pilot boards.


Here is what the Southwest pilot carers portal page states:


"If you have questions regarding profile data such as qualifications, flight time, work history, or employment information contact us via email at:"


- source:


This is the First Officer Opportunities page:


Good luck!


Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Pilot hiring requirements


Hi @Vianed,


Thank you for your service! We recommend that you visit and view the 'FAQ' for more information on requirements and specifically how helicopter time can be logged. Here is an excerpt from that page:


Helicopter time may be logged in your profile flight hours tab using the drop down "single piston/rotor" Or "multi piston/rotor." This time will be considered but will not replace the minimum fixed wing or Jet/Turbine PIC requirements.


2,500 hours total time or 1,500 turbine time in a fixed wing aircraft

  • Southwest considers only Pilot time in fixed-wing aircraft. This specifically excludes simulator, WSO, RIO, FE, NAV, EWO, etc. "Other Time" will not be considered.


Best of luck in your application!


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