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Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Frequent Flyer A

Hey yall! Those of you that are new to this site have been able to benefit from the posts from those that came before you. There are still people applying that have the same questions we all had while we were waiting... How long did (insert whatever here lol) take?


If you have a start date, do you think you could post a hiring timeline? Basically stating the job you've applied for and the dates you recieved crucial information. Maybe you could include some info that you think might be helpful to others, i.e., you tried to extend start date, trouble with background check, or you were part of a hiring event. 


Thank you and Congratulations to everyone that is willing to do this to help our furture co-hearts. We look forward to seeing all the new faces! 


Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Explorer B

swa timeline

date applied: 02/21/2022

set up phone interview email: 02/24/2022

phone interview: 03/02/2022

virtual interview: 03/10/2022

CJO: 03/10/2022

fingerprints: 03/17/2022

drug test: 03/18/2022

employment screening complete: 03/22/2022

email for start date: 03/23/2022

start date 04/18/2022

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Adventurer B

What position?

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Adventurer A

Applied for CSA at MCO (Orlando FL) online:  3/20/22

Rec'd email from SWA informing that I should expect a wait due to number of applications (over 200 for MCO):  3/24/22

Rec'd email confirming I was still under consideration, but that it may take a while for telephone interview invite due to number of apps: 4/1/22

Rec'd email invite for zoom interview: 4/10/22

Zoom interview: 4/11/22 resulted in contingent offer, at end of interview, pending 

pre employment checks

Drug test: 4/13/22

Finger printing/background check: 4/16/22

Rec'd email stating it could take 6-8 weeks for results to return: 4/17/22

Rec'd official offer: 5/1/22 with a proposed start date of 5/16/22

Accepted start date of 5/16/22

Between 5/2/22 and 5/10/22 rec'd a bazillion emails outlining the next steps πŸ˜Š

Received email outlining time slot for federal week.

Completed initial paperwork and GOAA for SIDA badge: 5/12/22, rec'd temp. badge.

Trainer called 5/12/22 to confirm that I rec'd the email outlining federal week and directions. Confirmed. Informed that my badge will be waiting for me on 5/16/22 start of federal week.

Contingent Tops date, two weeks after 5/16/22.

Also, I'm not sure how other locations schedule, but MCO schedules start date for either the 1st or 16th according to the 5th and 20th pay dates. 


Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Adventurer C

Swa applied 3/19/22 MDW( Midway)

3/22/22 received email to complete application and schedule zoom


3/24/22-Zoom interview and offer at end of interview 

3/29/22- received email to complete background check and fingerprints 

4/8/22- received email to upload vaccination card to be provided a start date

4/11/22- received an email that I am waiting for a start date due to number of new hires 

4/12/22- received a call from Hailey with start date offer 5/23 CSA

4/13/22- received email to start onboarding

as of now currently awaiting training information which should be provided by 5/20/22

update- 5/18/22 received call and email with first week orientation schedule 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Explorer A

Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸ‘

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Adventurer B

KLaMonique , wow your background came back in 24 hours? Or am I miss understanding lol

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Explorer B

Hello! So I have question, how long did it take for you to get your drug test background etc results back? I’m patiently waiting for mines and this is also for the CSA position, hope to hear back soon. Take care! πŸ™‚ 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Explorer A

I honestly don't know, I'm still waiting patiently

Re: Please post hiring timelines! πŸ™

Frequent Flyer A

TPA did not schedule start dates that aligned with paydays, that is not a standard practice.