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Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer C



10/1/22- Applied for Ops Agent

10/10/22-  Received virtual interview invite

10/12/22-scheduled interview for 10/18

10/18/22- Invited for the second interview

10/26/22-Received invite for second interview

10/27/22- Second interview CJO offered on the spot

11/1/22- Received & Accepted CJO

11/1/22- Received email for Background check, Drug Screen & Fingerprints

11/3/22- Completed Drug Screen & Fingerprints

11/8/22- Received email stating I was cleared.

11/9/22- Received email stating I was cleared and that I would be receiving another email about how to obtain my SIDA Badge

11/9/22- Received official email with date to first SIDA Badge Apt.

11/15/22- Applied for SIDA Badge

12/6/22- Received my ALL CLEAR email& Received date for second SIDA Badge apt.

12/6/22-Received Official CJO😁

1/2/23- Official start date 🎉


“Patience is a virtue”‼️



Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C

Congratulations!!  I start CSA in OGG on Monday 12th 🙌🏻🥰

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer C

Flight attendant position


04/26/22 - Submitted application

06/16/22 - Email thanking me for applying and they transitioned to a new system

07/29/22 - Email thanking me for being patient throughout the process and they know I’ll do great on my upcoming interview.

10/12/22 - Another email thanking me for my patience while they review all applications in order. Also to keep an eye out for a invitation to speak soon. (Kind lost hope at this point)

11/16/22 - Email inviting me for a phone call interview

11/18/22 - Phone interview (they help you so much on this call to make sure you succeed in the virtual interview)

12/06/22- Virtual Interview, got COJ on the spot! As long as I passed the PPST and background check. Gave me a date for the next PPST in Dallas.

12/16/22 - flew to Dallas for the PPST. Same day received email that I would be moving on to the next steps.

12/19/22- received emails to complete background check, fingerprints and drug test. A recruiter reached out as will to advise me she would be my point of contact.

12/20/22 - Completed all three requirements

12/27/22 - Email advising me the employment screening is complete and my recruiter would contact me with further steps.

01/11/23 - Offer letter emailed with start date!


I start my journey Feb. 20th I can’t wait!

Good luck everyone and remember to be patient the journey is definitely worth it! 🤍

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer B



10/18 - Applied

10/25 - 1v1 Interview at the hiring event

11/4 - email saying they want me apart of the SWA team

2/6 - CJO offer

2/7 - scheduled my finger prints, drug screening and completed my background application

2/8 - did my finger prints and drug screen

2/14 - employment screening complete

2/20 - signed Official Offer Letter

3/13 - my start date (:


I am excited and ready!! 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer C


2/7/23 interviewed, verbal job offer

2/7 CJO and assigned a recruiter -accepted

2/8-2/9 background, drug test, fingerprints submitted 

2/16-background and drug test cleared.  Received Official job offer w/ start date March 2023

2/16/23 accepted official job offer and start date 🍾

2/16/23 attended new hire zoom information session

2/22/23 Sida office 1st appt. for badging. 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer C

Hi cecewa 

Did you recieve anything after SIDA apt?