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Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C



lucky! I am still waiting for that email. From what my recruiter coordinator said before, it shouldn’t be much longer, I am kind of surprised it’s taking this long honestly.

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer B

@Redruss91 they actually just called and gave me a start date too. It’s in just about 2 weeks so I literally have to hit the pavement tomorrow with touring apartments! 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C

@brittg72409 Tuesday, 7/5, still waiting to clear the background screening. Confirmed with my recruiter coordinator that I had completed all the big stuff, and that there was nothing left that would prevent a formal offer being made, but still haven’t gotten the 100% clear notice from the background team yet. I have no idea what is taking so long for the “last piece”. With my wife starting her new job on the 25th, I really need to get the ball rolling on getting set up in Dallas.

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer B

@Redruss91  Did you let your coordinator know the date your wife starts? I’d highly recommend coming beforehand to secure an apartment, because a few places we looked at were very limited on availability. I have two days left at my current job and I move to Dallas in 3 days. My emotions are all over the place. The apartments i mentioned to you have bent over backwards to make sure we have a place on time, after supply chain delays have caused issues with unit renovations.  I’d highly recommend them if you’re still looking in the Euless area. Fingers crossed you get good news this week! 


Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer B

Hi SWA family!


This is my journey so far as a Ramp Supervisor at Burbank (BUR), CA


05/31/22- Applied for Ramp Supervisor for Burbank, CA

06/06/22- Virtual interview via Microsoft Teams

06/06/22- Filled out additional background info inquiry

06/08/22- Uploaded my COVID-19 card

06/08/22- Received continent offer, stated the 4-6 weeks like many here received

06/09/22- Finger prints completed

06/09/22- Drug screening completed

06/22/22- Received email that my Employment Screening (Background?) was completed

06/22/22- Received email that the next available start date for me would be 07/05/22 and asked for me to confirm availability

06/23/22- Offer letter received

06/23/22- Start date confirmed, received "Ground Ops New Hire Training Overview" attachment


Each step I replied or did the required action same day, I still have not received the onboarding packet and with my start date on 07/05/22, I'm getting a little uneasy.  One thing that's helped calm my nerves is this community, know that the process takes time and is different for everyone. 


Good luck to everyone thinking about joining the family or in the process,


Chris (Spyduck02)

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer B

@Spyduck02  Did you get your Onboarding paperwork? I got the Screening Complete from SWA yesterday, but I haven’t received anything else. I thought I was getting it today like everyone else but I was wrong. 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Frequent Flyer A

You still need to get the emails about start dates, the official offer letter, and then you'll get the OnBoarding emails. 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer B

Crew Scheduling Timeline


Applied for position on - 5/31/2022


Phone Screen Interview Invite - 06/01/2022


Phone Interview - 06/06/2022 - Selected for F2F interview in HDQ - DAL


F2F Interview at HDQ - 06/17/2022 - Was offered the position on the spot. Background and Drug test submitted at HDQ.


Sterling Notice of Background Screening - 06/23/2022


Sterling Background Completed Notice - 06/28/2022


Call from Drug Testing Lab - Invalid Results - 06/30/2022


Drug Test Redone - 07/01/2022


Now waiting for Drug Test results to be sent to SW, technician stated results should be sent to HR on 07/02/2022 


Up Next: Employment Screening Completed Email - TBD


Start Date - Tentative 07/18/2022



Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer A

My timeline for the CS&S Remote position, so far:


June 20th - Applied for CS&S position. (had some technical troubles uploading my resume and answering requirement questions.)


June 21st - I received a denial email.


June 27th - I received an email update explaining there was an error with my application and to disregard the previous communication as my application had since been moved back into the review stage. 


June 29th - I received an email inviting me to schedule a phone interview. Scheduled for 7/6.


June 30th - Received an email with a link to view the status in "My Work Day"


July 6th - Phone interview. The recruiter was absolutely punctual and called me at the exact time I was scheduled for. (I highly recommend having your work history and resume in front of you for this.) I was invited for a Virtual Interview on 7/18. 


July 18th - Virtual Interview Scheduled (*will provide an update after my interview)  

-You're Now Free To Move About The Country

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C


Operations Agent hiring process timeline

5/9 - applied for job

5/12 - received email to schedule VI

5/17 - virtual interview completed

5/19 -  VI passed/ CJO offered

5/23 - signed background consent form 

5/25 - background check done

5/31 - background complete

6/15 - contacted recruiter regarding update

6/16 - recruiter still waiting for start date

7/5 - contacted recruiter for update

7/6 - official offer letter received w/ start date

7/12 - my 1st day as a SWA coheart💙❤️💛