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Probation Period.

Explorer C

Hello I recently got hired with Southwest in November. Everything was great until I had chest issues one day and had to call out. My doctor said it was anxiety. The following week I had to take my dog to the emergency vet early morning because I’m the only one with a car at home. Now my last and 3rd occurrence just happened because I was put on medication for my anxiety that makes me feel dizzy to the point I couldn’t make the drive to work. 
Does anyone know what I can do?

I really love this job and this series of events make me nervous that I could potentially lose my job. 
Can I talk to the union or supervisors about all this ?


Re: Probation Period.

Aviator A

You should probably talk to both

Re: Probation Period.

Frequent Flyer C

You should probably talk to your supervisor and you should also talk to your airport station manager. Being on probation, I am little shocked that they haven't addressed this with you already. When I was hired for the ramp in 2021 they made it clear about NCNS, late punches, and sick days and that you could be terminated for any one of those if it became a consistent thing.