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Question about my application

Explorer C

Hello SouthWest Family,


I'm just wondering if anybody else is experiencng the same thing I am regarding the application process. I applied for the position of Flight Attendant on 5 FEB 2018, It's been 10 months and I have not heard a word from SouthWest.  I check my account about once a week and it still only say "Application Recieve". I also applied for the position of Bi-lingual Flight Attendant in August 2018, the status of that application is "Under Review".  Working for SouthWest would be a dream come true, but honestly, I'm begining to get discouraged.  I think the recruiters overlooked my application or just forgot about me.  I also applied for the position of gate agent back in April 2018 with the same results.


Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all.  Cheers.


Mar May


Re: Question about my application

Aviator C

@MartaMay I wouldn’t know the details, but it sounds like you applied for the same job twice? That might be the reason why one application is “received “ and the other is under review? That’s interesting that you were able to apply twice though. I have read on previous discussions that the bi-lingual process takes time and is still ongoing. My advice to you is to stay positive and patient, and hopefully soon you will hear something.  


Good luck on your career path! 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion