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R-2023-35522 Flight Attendant App Email

Explorer B

Hello, Fellow SWA FA Hopefuls!✈️


I received an email that stated they are no longer considering applications from 9/2023 for the Flight Attendant position due to limited slots and many applications. My candidate homepage status still says "In Process". Perhaps the status has not been updated yet. Or, these mass emails can sometimes be in error. I am not sure which way this will go. I have heard that it can take up to a year to go from applying to being In Process to being interviewed, so I am not sure what to take away from this recent email. 


Any experiences to share? Any advise? Any updates that you know of?


Mahalo nui!🌴



Katherine S.

Re: R-2023-35522 Flight Attendant App Email

Explorer C

I received an email as well and a phone call. The FA trainings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future so our applications will be pulled and our candidate page will update accordingly. Super sad!

Re: R-2023-35522 Flight Attendant App Email

Explorer C

Could this mean that they will not be opening applications for the FA position either for the foreseeable future? I was hoping they would at some point this year but I assume this changes things.. so sorry for those of you who already applied & got your applications pulled! 😞 

Re: R-2023-35522 Flight Attendant App Email


Hi,  @katstaff 

We apologize that this decision impacted your application. 


Later this week, you’ll receive an email from Southwest Airlines (via notifying you of the official status change of your application. Your dashboard in your Candidate Home will update at this time as well.


We hope you’ll continue to consider a future career at Southwest Airlines.