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Re: Ramp Agent Hiring Process

Frequent Flyer C

  I was also hired on for the ramp back in August(2021) and was told 3-4 weeks, but took almost 6 weeks for my USPS to come back. Hopefully by now the process has been improved since then. Congrats and Welcome to the team. The worst part was waiting for the background checks to come back. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions

Re: Ramp Agent Hiring Process

Adventurer C

Hi, do you have any recommendations  for the phone interview? Also, for the in-person, do they do it like a group interview? Or is it one to one? Thank you! 

Re: Ramp Agent Hiring Process


Hey @victorulloa! Our Recruiters have a weekly information session that covers questions like this, and has a Q&A portion if they don't cover yours. Come by tomorrow! It's from 12-1pm CT and you can register to attend by visiting htps:// Good luck! 

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