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Ramp Agent Interview

Explorer C

I have a face to face interview on Tuesday for a Rmp Agent position in Santa Ana. I am very excited for this interview. I had my phone interview last week and they immediately invited me for the face to face on that same phone call. I was just wondering, if things go well on Tuesday, how long will it take to officially be hired?


Re: Ramp Agent Interview

Frequent Flyer A

These are my personal observations of the hiring process. Your experience may be different.

If you receive a conditional offer on Tuesday, you can expect to receive your notice of pre-employment drug screening within a week. You have 48 hours after notification to complete your drug test. Your employment screening should take about a week depending on whether any "adverse" items are found that require followup on your part.

Once you successfully complete your employment screening and drug test, you'll be sent your official Offer of Employment from Southwest. After you electronically sign and send back your employment offer, you'll get an e-mail from your Recruiting Coordinator explaining what to expect going forward and what to expect on your first day of class in Dallas. Approximately a week later, you'll receive an e-mail with your Southwest employee ID number and pre-employment paperwork to complete before your first day of training.

You'll be enrolled in the next available new hire class in Dallas which I'm guessing will be in early September. There is an August 6th new hire class but, since that's less than a week after your face-to-face interview, I doubt you would be placed in that class.

Your "seniority date" will be the day you begin training in Dallas.

While you're waiting for class to start, you can go here: and start loading up on Southwest shirts, hats, etc. to give to your familiy and loved ones.

Good luck on your interview on Tuesday. Let us know how you do.