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Ramp Agent bwi

New Arrival

 How long is my application proccess if I submitted it on 3-20-2018 and says submission received? 

Also , what is the number i call to check the status of my application?


Re: Ramp Agent bwi

New Arrival

I actually work at an airport near SW, so I talked to the station manager for SW about these 2 exact questions, amongst other things, and he said they usually post the opening for around 1 week, and then up to 2 weeks after for SW to get back to the applicants, so you should hear something within 2-3 weeks of applying.

As for a number to call, he said it goes through their peoples department, which i assume is HR and they weed out applications before doing 1 on 1 calls, and that there isnt a specific number to call to get an update because by the time the station manager gets the application, it is so that you can do the interview.


Trust me, I am doing everything in my power to get my application to the top of the stack also.

In fact, I posted this question here also 2 days ago with no response yet that I know of 😕


Its frustrating how businesses do hiring these days, but its all so automated that its mostly luck for the first half of the hiring phase. THough I will say that southwest is the best about it so far as they have no annoying steps compared to the other airlines.