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Ramp agent benefits

Explorer C

If you get hire for a ramp agent in Austin tx but you live in another city in Texas what are you commuting benifits and staying and are you able to relocate to your original city in the king run


Re: Ramp agent benefits

Explorer C



I hope that I am not overstepping my boundaries.  However, I do not think in this type of position commute benefits apply.  As for your second question, I believe if there are positions available in your local city, one must complete a probationary period, be in good standing, then a request to transfer would be the next step.


My daughter works for Alaska Airlines out of LA.  She started out at the Burbank location.  In her case, she applied for a lead position at LAX and got the job.  You may want to also ask about lateral transfers.  


I hope my response helped and if I am not certain, I believe SW will give you more details.  I am responding based on other work-related experiences.


Best Wishes,